BIC® celebrates the 70th Anniversary Of Its Iconic BIC® Cristal® Pen

70 years ago, the BIC® Cristal® pen changed the way people wrote by bringing affordable, quality ball pen technology for everyone’s use to the market… ​


It is still the World’s #1
Ball Pen today!


The history of BIC begins after World War II, in the suburbs of Paris (France), where Marcel Bich started manufacturing spare parts for fountain pens.

The ball point pen exists already but it lacks perfection.
Bich recognises the potential of the product... if, and only if, it is well planned. 

The birth of a cult product.

In 1950, Marcel Bich launched the Cristal pen, the first high quality ball point pen affordable to all and the foundation of the global success of the BIC brand. With its pure design and comfortable use it has since become the most sold pen in the world and part of our cultural heritage

The advertising genius

Marcel Bich was a visionary not only in terms of product design but also in terms of marketing. To raise awareness for his product, Marcel Bich banked on advertising and teamed up with the designer Raymond Savignac who created the famous campaign "Elle court elle court, la pointe BIC" in 1952 and later the BIC Boy.


Not as simple as it looks !

The BIC Cristal looks extremly simple, but in reality it is a highly sophisticated writing instrument. Since its beginnings 70 years ago, no concessions have been made and nothing has been left to chance to ensure consumers receive a high-performing, reliable pen that provides the same joy of writing from the first untill the very last line. To guarantee this outstanding quality, more than 70 controls are carried out throughout the manufacturing process. 

Efficient design that's simple and trusted.

The BIC Cristal pen is the essential writing instrument for everyday life, simple and efficient!

At first glance, BIC Cristal has an extremely simple design, yet it is in fact quite technically complex. Since 1950, BIC has made no compromises and left nothing to chance in order to continually improve the performance of BIC Cristal and offer the consumer the same quality of writing throughout the life of the pen.


Ball pen sold in Europe, the most sold ball pen in the world.


French Ecolabel NF Environnement (NF400) for its long life and low material use.


Authorized in French schools.


Long-lasting: it can write up to 3 kilometers.


Only manufactured in BIC factories.


More than 70 controls throughout the manufacturing process.

BIC® Cristal® Family

Find the ICONIC AND EMBLEMATIC BIC ballpoint pen in all its forms The BIC Cristal pen is the essential writing instrument for everyday life, simple and efficient!

BIC® Cristal® Re'new™

BIC Cristal Re'New To celebrate its 70th birthday, the BIC Cristal pen family is growing and proudly presents the BIC Cristal Re’New, a new premium and refillable version made of metal. 


BIC began its collection of Contemporary art in the late 1990s with an exhibition in Italy dedicated to the adventure of Marcel Bich. This collection consists of more than 250 pieces by internationally recognised or upcoming artists. The works of art all have a point in common: they have been created with or inspired by BIC products.




Since the launch of Cristal® in the early 1950s, many international artists have freely used this ballpoint pen to create portraits, drawings, but also sculptures, installations, etc…

It is also design object that can be found at the Museum of Modern Art (NEw York) and at the Centre George Pompidou in Paris.


Volivik 347
BIC® Cristal® noirs montés en lustre
80 x 52/53 cm


With the BIC Art Master Africa competition, we get to see - and celebrate - some of the most amazing artwork created with ballpoint pens in the world. Since 2017, thousands of artists have submitted absolute masterpieces. This year, it's clear that the 2021 contenders are continuing the tradition. 

In addition to a cash prize, this year's winner will also have his or her work included in the BIC Contemporary Art Collection. Be sure to bookmark BIC Art Master website to see more submissions as they keep rolling in, and follow us here to find out which artist will take home the win.  #BIC  #BICStationery  #BICArtMaster

Fatiou Aboudou
Black Lion
2019 winner - BIC Art Master Afri


Discover the iconic BIC CRISTAL